Monthly Archives: September 2007


at the moment my life feels as if it’s at a total standstill nothing seems to matter anymore even though I’ve been tremendous busy with work and migration planning and such.. still… all I can really think about is the one person I was destined to be with the one person that has been missing […]

Doctors appointment

I finally saw the doctor today. Kinda reassuring but also overwhelming at the same time. I found it intriguing that he didn’t actually retest me. I know it’s certain that I’m pregnant anyway, but it was interesting that he just took my word for it. The tests are that reliable though that he didn’t feel […]

Heaps of energy

What’s the deal? Tonight I’m bursting with energy, filled in pump and balance aswell tonight which resulted in me teaching 3 classes (combat being the last) and I hardly felt like I’d done much (mind you, I didn’t push the weights in pump). Well didn’t feel like 3 classes anyway. But what’s up with the […]

6 weeks

I’m now 6 weeks pregnant and some things in my body feel like they’re starting to settle down, but other things feel like they’re going haywire. I think I’ve put on 2kg of fluid just in the last 2 days which feels depressing, although other people assure me it’s not noticable, but I notice it! […]

Heartbeat begins

It’s around about now that the baby’s heart first starts beating, around 24 days after conception. Amazing to think something like this can happen so soon. I think the rapid progress that is occuring in the baby’s development at this stage definitely reflects how tired I feel! I’ve been doing lots of reading and yes […]


The last couple of days I felt a bit upset and hormonal and I must say I feel much better now. But now I just feel flat and completely unmotivated. I guess cuz I feel like my life is at a standstill and I’ve gotten behind in just normal day to day organisation and it’s completely […]

Telling Alex

I’m so lucky to have such an amazing person to be in love with! Somehow Alex suspected something was up when I sent a fairly innocuous text message to him last night…….so he skipped his balance class and came home to chat with me. Without knowing yet how to tell him I was pregnant, I […]

The day my life changed

My period is 2 days late and somehow deep inside I’ve had suspicions I might be pregnant. When I got the pregnancy test from the chemist though I suppose I really didn’t expect it to be positive. I did and I didn’t somehow at the same time. Deep inside me I desperately wanted the test […]

A Hunch

I’ve just noticed that I’m at the 29 day, meaning my period should have been due by now. I think I have a pretty strong hunch I might be pregnant, since something just doesn’t feel right and I’m NEVER late. Somehow, I really want to be pregnant right now. I dunno, the urge is incredibly […]