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Connor exploring his cot

The last couple of nights we have woken up, and upon checking Connor we’ve found him on his stomach! So although I haven’t seen it yet, he’s obviously managing to roll over onto his tummy. So during the afternoon I noticed Connor had woken up in his cot, and so I took this video, which […]


Connor is starting to be able to actually coordinate grasping things. It’s still early stages yet, and sometimes it’s fluke when he manages to grab something. But you can see in the video here he’s starting to actually think about reaching out and grasping things.

Paediatrician appointment

Connor had his 6 week checkup with the paediatrician today and all is absolutely fine. Our paediatrician is a very nice guy and very supportive, and he even suggested we could ring them for advice from overseas if we needed to, which is really nice. We told the paediatrician how we had enquired with the […]


Startdust is all we are, hydrogen, carbon, and a handful of other elements, all of which that cost very little at your local chemist lol combined however, in the right way they make up one of lives most precious and mystical wonders, a new live…. a child and all of the sudden you have a […]