Dual passports

Yesterday we started getting everything we needed to, to apply for Connor’s passport……Dutch and Australian. We’ve got such limited time that when I got discharged from hospital we went straight down to Births, Deaths and Marriages to register his birth. We applied for priority processing which meant we could pick up his birth certificate yesterday…..then we headed down to the Department of foreign affairs to get the apostille stamp put on our documents (required for the dutch passport and I’ll also need it when applying for residency in the Netherlands). Next we drove to Hutt st to the recommended photographer to try and get passport photos………now THAT is fun. Eyes open, mouth closed, looking at camera, white background…………ugh, right. Connor either had eyes closed or mouth open crying, he didn’t seem to want to close his mouth and look at the camera. We finally got a pic that will hopefully be accepted.

Armed with the photos I rang Department of foreign affairs and trade to see if they’d done the apostille stamp, and they had, but it was 3.50pm and they close at 4pm. I was in Hutt st and they were in Currie st. I thought I’d give it a go and managed to get all the green lights with a 15 min parking spot directly outside the building!!!! Alex stayed in the car while I dashed upstairs and managed to get it with 3 mins to spare!

Then off to the Dutch Consulate to hand in application form for Connor’s passport. Thankfully they were open till 5pm so we managed to get it all done in one day. We only now need to put in the application for an Australian passport, which isn’t as urgent cuz they process them within a couple of weeks. The Dutch passport was the urgent one cuz they take up to 5 weeks to process those.  And we couldn’t put the application in yet for the Australian passport (even though we were already there at the passport office) since you have to get someone to endorse the back of the photo to say that it is a genuine photo of the applicant. The person endorsing the photo cannot be related and has to have known Connor for at least 12 months…….or since birth……..riiiiiiight! lol


  • Linda says:

    love all these rules about passports and signing pics etc, lol. Well it certainly looks like your getting things sorted out bit by bit. Hopefully it will all fall into place for you all.


  • Red says:

    Bless. I remember the boys first passport pics at 6 months. Floppy. They had the baby photo for 5 years!!

    In the UK you can sometimes get your birth certificate via the travelling registrar in the hospital, Rob did that with the boys. For OJ he went to the office, but both were instant birth certificates.

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