Alex and Mel

 Some of you may or may not have read my blog, some of you may know that Alex came to Oz for 3 weeks. Something unexpected happened when he came over.

We fell in love.

I didn’t expect I’d be saying that, but I guess the fairytale did happen. I was a little bit anti-love and marriage……..incredibly cynical about marriage actually and certainly didn’t think I was ready for something like this. I definately didn’t think this kind of thing could happen in 3 weeks.

But it did, and wow……..it’s an amazing feeling!

I know there’s some people who’ve suspected something was up from my blog, but mostly people have thought that I just had a crush on Alex…….and I’ve been asked many times “are the feelings reciprocated?” …….the answer is god yeah……..and I think I can speak for Alex that right now he’s missing me as much as I’m missing him………..maybe more.

I want to share with those that know us though that this special love that has blossomed. Sounds all soppy doesn’t it? lol. Gawd, if I had read this about someone else a couple of months ago I probably would have rolled my eyes and gone “oh whatever”.

One thing I can say is I expect this to last forever……not even just through marriage and till death, but beyond that………into the next lives……on and on. We are complete together.

ok I’m going to say it again that yes, I’m missing him like hell……….but also at the same time I can feel him inside me. He’s part of me now and I feel content, even if I am 20,000km away. But hell, I will be trying to make a trip to the Netherlands ASAP………..just so much to organise.

Isn’t it funny how just when you think you know where life is going, it takes a sudden turn on you and the future seems like a blank canvas.

Now here is a blog about us and the events happening in our immediate lives. I’m keeping the personal stuff here very seperate from my public blog. Initially this blog is for very close friends only.

Alex, my dear – Ik hou van jou

– Mel

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