Monthly Archives: October 2007

12 week scan

So I had my next scan which was to screen for the likelihood of down syndrome, and typical pregnancy brain struck again. I lost my referral for the ultrasound and so I was a bit stressed and up till past midnight trying to find it. No luck. I couldn’t quite remember where the clinic was, […]

Blood test

Had my blood test this morning. This test is for several reasons…….to check my blood type and a routing test for STD’s, and also testing that goes with my ultrasound next week. It was frustrating this morning though, cuz I’m not good with needles and I need to lay down in case I pass out. […]

Baby names

I’m proud to announce that Alex and I have both decided on a girl and boy name for our child. I’m surprised at how easy it was for us to come up with 2 names. I thought there’d be a lot of disagreeing over deciding on names. There seems to be plenty of books on […]

Ultrasound Image

I’ve finally scanned the ultrasound images, so here is the first snapshot of our baby 😉 It feels absolutely incredible to be able to see that…..this little thing that is growing inside me. Ahhhhh, hormones do wonderful clucky things to you!!!

First scan

Incredible, absolutely incredible. I can’t begin to explain the feeling of seeing the baby on the scan for the first time. I wish Alex could have been there to share it! It just made it all really real, and so reassuring seeing it kicking and punching away (already practising combat I could tell!!!) and the […]

First Flutter

I’m positive I felt my first flutter of movement this morning!! I know it’s pretty early, but after talking to some others who’ve had babies I’m sure it’s the baby. It felt a bit like wind, but only it was in a different spot, distinctly right where my uterus is. I’ve never felt it in […]


Startdust is all we are, hydrogen, carbon, and a handful of other elements, all of which that cost very little at your local chemist lol combined however, in the right way they make up one of lives most precious and mystical wonders, a new live…. a child and all of the sudden you have a […]

8 weeks

I’m now 8 weeks pregnant and feeling a bit fat, although my friends assure me they can’t notice the difference. They HAVE noticed my boobs getting bigger though. lol, like I needed more of those. They’re a bit painful so I guess I got lots to look forward to there. At Alex’s request I’ve started […]