Monthly Archives: February 2008

Back in full force

Ouch, the combatter is back! The baby has been back kicking in full force again, waking me at nights and this morning in pump insisted on practising walking. I’m not 100% sure what the baby was doing, but whatever it was didn’t feel particularly nice………..kicking me where it hurts. Normally when I start doing classes […]

Obstetrician appointment

Had my appointment today which also included the Glucose Challenge Test, which involves drinking some straight glucose and having a blood test an hour later. I also had to have my Anti-D injection in my arm which wasn’t fun dealing with 2 injections considering the glucose made me feel a bit sick (apparently it’s normal […]

A bit more relieved

I woke up last night in the middle of the night, but ended up unable to sleep again as I was still worried about the lack of much movement from the baby. I did feel some soft kicks which was reassuring, but not any of the usual combat sessions I get going on. Unable to […]


Maybe I’m being paranoid I dunno, but it seems the last couple of days I can’t remember the baby kicking quite as often as usual. I know that there’s supposed to be periods of less and more activity, but now I’ve got myself worried cuz I can’t remember when I last felt the baby kick? […]

Do it yourself ultrasound

well, I was at my horse vet’s place yesterday fixing her printers and computer for her and she tried to get out of me the sex of the baby. I refused to tell her (cuz we’re keeping it a secret) and so as a joke she threatened to get out the horse ultrasound unit and […]