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First vaccinations

My poor baby had his first vaccinations today, or at least, the first ones that I was present for. In hospital they always took him away any time he had injections and tests. Anyway, despite the assurance that it was definately a good idea to get Connor vaccinated before we left, we still had the […]

Passports ready and photos online

Connor now has both his Dutch and Australian passport so he’s now all ready to fly 😉 He’s growing well and is a pretty well behaved baby. He only wakes during the night for a feed, and sometimes I’m lucky to be only woken once during the night. Most other nights are 2 or 3 […]

Growing fast

Connor had his first post-natal appointment today where he gets a checkup and weighed to make sure he is growing well and all that. We were surprised to find out that not only was he well and truly growing well, but he actually put on more than double the weigh he is expected to. Since […]

Dual passports

Yesterday we started getting everything we needed to, to apply for Connor’s passport……Dutch and Australian. We’ve got such limited time that when I got discharged from hospital we went straight down to Births, Deaths and Marriages to register his birth. We applied for priority processing which meant we could pick up his birth certificate yesterday…..then […]

Connor Simon Huikeshoven

  was born on 16th May 2008 arriving at 2.21pm (14:21) and weighing 3350 grams (7 pound 6 ounces). Length: 50cm Head: 35cm Just a brief rundown……..I was pretty tired from 6 days of sleepless nights from getting pre-labour contractions every 15-30mins. I finally went into labour at 2am Friday 16th……..but I was already exhausted and […]

Mother’s Day

The baby has been threatening for the last 24 hours or so to poke it’s head out on Mother’s Day, but I think we can safely say nothing is going to be happening tonight. The last few weeks have been busy, with me spending time with Alexander, the wedding, organising animals that still needed to […]

Getting close

After 4 days of fairly regular pre-labour contractions coming about every 15 -30 mins I finally had a quieter night last night thankfully. I’ve been getting pretty exhausted and they’ve been relatively intense, not just the tightenings of Braxton-Hicks contractions, but no real sign of true labour. So last night, while I was still up […]


 Just a quickie post to let everyone know about our fantastic wedding day. Alexander and I decided to get married on 25th April 2008. To some people this may be a surprise, but I kept it relatively quiet since I was unsure whether a premature baby would upset our plans. As it was the baby […]

Labour talk

Alexander finally got to meet my obstetrician and today we had the “labour talk” where my obstetrician told us what we needed to do and what to look out for if I appear to go into labour or get worried about anything. There’s been so much I’ve read up on, but it was good to […]

Antenatal classes

I finally got to do my antenatal classes today, although I’ve been so exhausted from moving house that I wish I could have postponed it. But as it was I was easily the most pregnant there, with most of the ladies being around 30 weeks pregnant. I guess it’s ended up being so late for […]


36 weeks pregnant and another obstetrician appointment today. I thought it was going to be just like any other appointment……..I get my fundal height measured, check blood pressure, listen to baby’s heartbeat and that’s about it. But no, this time I find out I get to be swabbed and jabbed, ugh. Turns out I had […]

Updated week by week piccies

I know it’s been so long since I updated my week by week piccies, but I have still been taking the photos when I can. Just things have been so hectic here and I get so tired sometimes. I’ve made an effort tonight to update this page since I’ve been getting asked about them all […]

Balls of feet

I can’t believe how much everything is really starting to hit me now……..slowing up big time. On Wednesday I did my last combat class and it’s like overnight I can feel my body making me stop and it feels like it’s preparing to settle down for the last home stretch (last 6 weeks). I’ve been […]

Baby items list

I’ve started a new section of this blog with a new link, listing some of the items I currently have, need or not sure if I need. I’ve been asked a lot about what I already have or will or won’t be getting (since I’ll be here such a short time), so hopefully this list […]

Pram & Car seat

After my last look at prams, I looked online for a bit of information and also spoke to a couple of other friends about prams and I’ve decided to go back and get that Mothers’ Choice pram that I like while it’s still on special at Target. I went to a target that is closer […]

Pram hunting

I had heard that Toys R Us had a sale on nappies going, so today I decided to go have a look and also research prams a bit. It’s all a bit daunting trying to make a decision out of heaps of different pram types. So after my classes I headed to Tea Tree Plaza, […]


I’ve just discovered the joys of baths when you’re pregnant! I normally hate baths and I dunno what compelled me to have one, but I suddenly had the desire to have a bath. My back has been aching quite a lot and once the water filled up the tub around me anI fell in love. […]

Blood test was fine

Saw my obby again today, and the midwife told me that my blood test results from 2 weeks ago were fine, and she said that whatever I’m doing with my diet to keep it up. Which is good, cuz apart from the copious amounts of chocolate, my diet is pretty damn healthy! Although I’m craving […]