I’ve been having huge predicaments lately about what to have for dinner, I just don’t seem to want the stuff that I’d normally cook!!!! I tend to mull around the kitchen trying to decide what to have. My latest “phase” seems to be canned soups with toast…….hmmmm (thanks Jo). Except today I’d already had one of those for lunch.

Been going through the usual “dunno what to eat, therefore I’ll have some chocolate” mood, so tonight while I was cleaning I found a little book that I’d bought when I started my last job. It’s a recipe book on “lunches”. I was just browsing through it and it’s mainly sandwiches and soups and odd stuff.

However, I found this really odd salad that I wouldn’t like. Chickpeas, tomato, olives, capsicum, onion, cucumber, parsley………with a dressing and tzsatiki (however you spell it!). I didn’t have the tzsatiki and so I just used the lemon juice and olive oil as the dressing (the recipe had some extra herbs) and I managed to find a can of chickpeas sitting in the cupboard.

I can’t stand olives in salads, and I’ve never really had chickpeas before, but despite that….yum!

gawd it’s fun being pregnant! :lol:

dammit, I shoulda got some more chocolate icecream today while I was at the shops, that would have been just perfect to top it off……….grrrrr.


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